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I am a relationship therapist who is confident people can experience and live within healthy fulfilling relationships showing up self-assured of who they are and how they communicate. I like to help people feel understood, look at their joys and pains, and be motivated to change which all leads to a life of Jagged Joy.

A Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and an MBA have offered me a specialized integrated education in relationship fractures through a broad influential systemic lens to understand the context in which a person struggles: marriage, family, friendships, professional setting.  My professional and personal experiences have given me a deep understanding, empathy, and a holistic framework to come alongside those who want more from their personal  & professional relationships and desire lasting change. I’ve spent: 12 years mentoring couples, 9 years helping people value themselves, and 14 years leading career & professional development.


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"We owe so much to Tiffany. When we came to Tiffany our marriage was in crisis, but with her help we have begun to repair what was broken. Tiffany does a great job at creating a safe environment, making both spouses feel seen, and ultimately helping the spouses turn towards each other".
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"I truly cannot thank you enough for your time. You’re a joy to know and a wonderful counselor as your caring shows".
"She sure misses you! Thank you for giving us our girl back!!!"
"Thank you, Tiffany! It's been so great having you as my first therapist and someone who I wholeheartedly trust. Thank you for the help. You're going to help so many people and bless so many lives!"

A Jagged Joy life…

I’d describe my life as Jagged Joy. If you’re like me, life can sometimes be challenging due to health crisis, grief, loss, adoption, work stress, and relationships. Amid some real Jagged times, Joy, encouragement, hope, growth, and strength have been present. It can be true for you as well.

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